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Basic Function and Safety Inspection – The basic home inspection is a limited visual inspection where all major items of the property are checked for safety and functionality. Some items included are roofing and materials, exterior components, foundation, heating and cooling components electrical panels and outlets, plumbing and septic systems, windows and doors, and much more. Please see our inspection agreement for details and exclusions as well as the standards of practice we abide by.
0001-1200 sqft $250
1200-2000 sqft $300
2000-2500 sqft $350
2500-3000 Sqft $400
3000-4000 sqft $450
4000 and up please call for a quote

Wind Mitigation – Floridians are all too familiar with the damages a hurricane or tropical storm can produce. Needless to say so are the insurance companies. Insurance companies are offering discounts on coverage rates to homes that have been inspected and verified as having features that minimize or prevent damage to the home**. A wind mitigation inspection will check your windows, doors, garage doors, outer openings and their protections, roof decking and coverings as well as its attachment to the structure.
Available now for $50-150*

4 Point inspections – Our 4 point inspections are included with the basic function and safety inspection. These inspections are for insurance companies and are often required to insure older homes. This service is also available as a stand alone service starting at $100

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*Prices are based on homes 2000 sqft and under Or bundle pricing. There will be additional costs for larger homes please call or text for details. Prices are subject to change without notice.
**Discounts are subject subject to insurance company underwriting and are in no way guaranteed by the performance of a wind mitigation inspection.